Words that Work

Find just the right words for your project, product, webpage or social media campaign. My professional copywriting career path spans a wide range of media—from national TV campaigns and print ads, to B2B brochures, video game manuals, software packaging and websites. My experience includes:

  • big agency TV experience (Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thompson)
  • in-house (hi tech, kid tech, ed tech) magazines & packaging
  • free-lance writing business serving a wide range of accounts

I currently create content strategy for websites & social media campaigns,

but thrive on anything that helps people organize their messages

in clear, concise, powerful ways. Here are some sites I’ve just finished:

   Prezi       Intuit.Payroll     Gilberths       Walk & Wag       Kehillah       Mulberry Partners

Let me help you find the words that work to reflect your brand,

your voice, your company’s or product’s personality.

Together, we’ll create the perfect conversation for your project.

paula@paulapolley.com                                415/990-1725



about that number “13”…


Happy New Year….WOW!  2013.

 The ’13’ — a bit of an elephant in the room…

But let’s just assume it’s going to be a great year—it is.

‘Cause this is the year I want to help you get your website up and running. And not just up, but proudly and aesthetically conquering multiple platforms—phones, tablets, even TVs—with a single “publish” button.

 Give me a call.  Let’s get this 2013-thing rolling.

And make it the year you create, recreate or rework your or your company’s cyber-presence. (Thanks for that, William Gibson.)

 Call me. 415/990-1725.